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DIY 2-Ingredient Clay Star Ornaments Are a Cheap and Beautiful Way to Decorate This Christmas

They are so cute!
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Growing up every Christmas season when it came time to decorate our Christmas tree, my dad would lug down the three large boxes of sentimental ornaments we kept year after year. Pulling out the ornaments and stuffing through the hallmark bears, the twinkley snowmen, my beloved barbie ornaments, and the one I always looked for, the little clay heart my mom and I had made when I was younger.

It was the most precious ornament of them all, a white clay heart that was glazed and turned an off white/brown over the years, with a red ribbon tied through it to hang on our tree.

TikToker and crafter @my_plastic_free_home posted a video showing a tutorial on how to create these darling clay ornaments and they only take two ingredients. Simple, cute, and perfect for gifting.

The two ingredients that go into the making of these clay ornaments are cornflour and bicarbonate of soda. The woman mixes ½ cup of cornflour, 1 cup of bicarbonate of soda, and ¾ cup of water. She heats the mixture until it makes the consistency of mashed potatoes and then removes it from the heat and lets it cool. She dusts the counter with cornflour and rolls out the dough, cuts the desired shapes, and adds little holes with a skewer in each one. They get baked in the oven until dried.

Once they are finished cooling after the bake, she chooses cute strings and fabrics to use as the tie through the hole. Then are ready to be gifted, strung on the tree, or placed all around the home to spread a little holiday cheer.

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