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This Has to Be The Most Genius Way to Clean Your Ceiling Fans

No more dust flying everywhere!

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If you suffer from having allergies, then you likely know there are certain things you ned to do in your home to ensure the place where you spend majority of your time doesn’t trigger your allergies and cause you to have a terrible reaction. Of course it helps to have an air purifier in your home, but one of the main things to do that helps control indoor allergens is to keep and maintain a clean home, and this includes dusting often. And one of the main areas that happens to attract the most dust are ceiling fans.

However, if you struggle with getting dust everywhere while cleaning your ceiling fans, check out this quick cleaning hack from TikTok content creator Sana of @apieceofmyglamhome. You no longer have to worry about dust flying all over your bed or room with this hack!


As shown in the quick video, Sana uses the opening of an old pillowcase to slide onto each blade of the ceiling fan and once it’s wrapped over the entire blade she carefully glides the pillowcase off as it wipes away the dust. After doing this to all of the ceiling fan blades, she then sprays her cleaner onto a paper towel and cleans her blades.

This hack is genius and her followers agree! This is one hack we’ll definitely be adding into our cleaning routine.