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Woman Claims a Dishwasher Tab and a Pot Lid Got Rid of Her Couch Stains

We're definitely curious about this one!

As parents to curious babies and active kids, we’re always looking for hacks and easier ways to help us maintain clean homes. We’re constantly picking up after our kids when they leave their toys behind in the living room and spend quite a bit of time wiping away messes that started on the kitchen table and somehow spilled down to the floor.

Cleaning with kids is a never-ending process it seems, especially when those messes make their way to the living room sofa. If you’re not quick to catch those sofa spills, it can seem almost impossible to get rid of the stains. But thanks to TikTok mama @charlascleaninghacks, we’re now introduced to a monthly sofa stain cleaning hack that she swears by as a busy mom.


We’re constantly amazed by the number of cleaning tips we find on TikTok and this one is no exception. She simply takes one dishwashing tablet and places it into a measuring cup before pouring in hot water. Next she takes a microfiber towel, dips it into the water, then safely wraps the towel around the top of a small kitchen pot. Finally she begins to use the kitchen top handle to easily move the towel in circular motions across her sofa. While it looks like a convenient cleaning method, the comments section were mainly against this cleaning hack with many people writing the dishwasher tablet is extremely concentrated and toxic, therefore not safe to come in contact with skin. Others claim this method can also potentially damage your sofa.

Although the verdict is still in the air if this is both a safe and effective hack, we have to give her credit for being innovative.