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Yes, You Need to Clean Your Garbage Disposal

What came up was stomach-turning.

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As a new homeowner, there are many things to inspect and deep clean that the previous owners overlooked — like the garbage disposal. It makes sense: no matter how much you scrub around your sink or how often you run water through the drain line, there's always going to be some gunk left behind in those pipes... until now!

To ensure that your garbage disposal is as clean as it can be and smells fresh, try this neat trick that even professional home inspectors use for new homeowners.

Some users pointed out something worth knowing if you've never tried this hack.

"Solid tip: if you use too much ice, it will fry the motor and boom, it's broke." @hoezzayee

"This amount of ice is alright, doing to much will dull the blades. Good job, I use Dawn because it cuts down grease." @chilltfout0

While others admitted cleaning their disposal was...intimidating.

"I've NEVER looked down my garbage disposal, I told myself it's a monster when I was a kid and my adult self has just accepted that fact." @Brooke Avila100

If you want to use ice, don't add too much. The same goes for crushed ice, which is often used in restaurants. If you put ice at your disposal, make sure it isn't a big block—a small amount of crushed or cubed ice is fine.

Also, note that you can use other things besides ice: lemons (with the rinds on), lemon juice, and lemon peels; citrus fruits like oranges and grapefruits; cucumbers; eggshells; coffee grounds or tea bags (make sure they're not paper).

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