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Apparently, You Can Clean Your Rugs In the Snow

The end result speaks for itself.

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There are some things in life that just come across as a bit unusual, and that includes things like cleaning things around the house. Case in point, did you know that you could use grass to wash your feet, or that using just a hint of soap could keep your windows from getting condensation on them?

Well, let’s add another one to that list with a combination of snow and rugs, all thanks to TikTok channel CasaJanara!


So apparently this is an ‘old’ trick, or at least older if the comment section is anything to go by, with many people saying this is something they had heard or even seen their grandparents do.

Anyway, the idea behind this hack is to get your old rugs, the big, heavy ones that you hate cleaning and chuck it out into the snow. And, no, we aren’t instantly replacing it with a new one and leaving the old one out there. You are actually going to be using the snow to clean your rug!

So throw it pattern side down on the snow, get yourself a broom, and start whacking it. Get out all of your frustrations and really beat it as hard as you can, occasionally moving it to a new spot. Essentially what you are doing is letting the broom and your arm strength drive the fibers of the carpet into the clean snow, which then drags out dirt particles.

Once you’re done and your rug is pretty well beaten, toss it over a nearby fence if you’ve got good sunlight, or take it inside if it's still pretty cloudy outside, and allow it to dry. Your carpet should look better than ever, with no soap involved!

Now, I won’t really have a chance to try this one out, living in the deep South, but if you’ve already had some snow why not test this method for yourself?

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