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Professional Cleaner Completely Transforms Hoarder’s Home and Does It For Free

And she has a few other surprises up her sleeve.

As a busy parent to a one-year old, I’m constantly trying to keep up with maintaining a clean home that meets my standards, but admittedly, I sometimes fall behind.

Those are the days when I suddenly wish I could snap my fingers and magically, a cleaning fairy will appear and take care of cleaning my house for me. While I haven’t experienced that magic just yet, TikTok user and professional cleaner behind the account @aurikatariina provided that experience to a lucky person and not only did she completely transform his house, but she did it for free and even threw in a very nice surprise for him!


Can we not only acknowledge how she made that home look so clean and great, but she also bought him a brand new bed after discovering that he didn’t have one! That was so sweet and thoughtful of her to do that! Given that he also lives with his cat, she was sure to remove the extra cat hair from its toys and his house furniture.

People in the comments were not only impressed with how well she cleaned and de-cluttered his home, but was also moved by her kindness of doing it for free and gifting him a bed as well. “You’re such a pure soul “ I think these people need their money more than me” Never stop doing what you do,” TikTok user @goood._.day0 wrote. “That’s so sweet how you bought him a bed and did it for free, wow that’s awesome,” @charidee_grace commented. “that cat will be so grateful too. Cats get stressed in houses dirty like this,” @cyndil00 shared.

This was really a beautiful and life-changing gesture she did. We never know what others are going through, so it’s nice to be mindful and help when we’re able to do so.