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Watch This Door Completely Change Colors After a Proper Bath

And here’s how to clean this overlooked spot
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If your doors are painted white, chances are they have a nasty layer of grayish filth near the touching points such as around the door knobs, on the face of the door where dirty hands push on it, and on the trim along the door. It seems that nothing really does that good of a job at cleaning the hard scum off the door, and the grey filth becomes a part of the door.

TikTok page @cleanthatup posted a video of one homeowner who found the proper deep cleaning that transformed the once dirty door into a clean and pristine white door.

The man first sprays the entire door down with Dawn Degreaser and lets it sit, the man then uses a drill brush to powerfully scrub the dirty door. He uses a damp microfiber cloth to wipe the entire door down, which reveals the once dirty brown door into its shiny white door.

The commenters on the video were basically freaking out over the transformation. One woman commented “That Dawn degreaser is like magic. Gets stains out of clothes too.” another commenter said “I bought this drill brush. Can’t wait to use it.”

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