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Here Are Some Areas In Your House That Might Need Some Extra TLC

No shame y’all, we forget about these spots too!

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Deep cleaning our home is something we should do as often as possible to clean certain areas in our home that we don’t often get to. While we know to clean things that are visible to the eye, such as baseboards and dusting the ceiling fans, chances are, there are some areas that we’re still missing.

Just in case you need a reminder of areas you need to clean in your home that often go untouched, check out this handy quick video from Azure MacCannell of TikTok cleaning account @livecomposed.


We already knew to clean the inside of our refrigerators and wipe down the outside as well, but who knew we should also clean the refrigerator coils? It’s important to do this because if it gets too dusty, this can cause problems with your refrigerator in the long run and potentially cost you a lot of money to get fixed. Another area that often foes unnoticed is the space underneath your toilet seat; removing the screws and cleaning that area can help your bathroom smell so much better. Finally, the screen on your faucet needs to be cleaned as well and when you do this, you’ll notice a difference in your water pressure.

As we mentioned before, these areas are easy to miss, so no judgment if any of these spots went unnoticed in your homes!