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This Woman’s Grandmom Taught Her the Easiest Way to Keep the Bathroom Sparkling Clean

And of course it’s mind-blowingly simple.

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There is tons of stuff that we can learn from older generations. Sometimes these are big life hacks that we would have learned over time but just are helpful to learn a bit earlier, others are things that we probably should know already but it takes that sharing of wisdom to make it really ‘click’ in our heads! No matter if it is something big and game-changing or small and more in-the-moment important, we love it all!

So when TikTok creator Sarah Baus shared a bathroom cleaning hack straight from her grandmother, you know we had to jump on and share it with all of you!


What is this surprising hack? Well, it is actually fairly simple! A lot of us struggle with setting up a cleaning routine and blocking out time to do even the most basic chores around our houses on a daily basis. Sarah’s grandmother, on the other hand, has always had a spotlessly clean bathroom, and a good cleaning routine for the rest of the house.

Her secret just so happens to be that, rather than sitting aside time each day or dedicating an entire weekend to cleaning, she simply has the cleaning supplies she needs for each room in said room! Then, whenever she has a spare few minutes, she quickly tidies the room she is using or that she is leaving, meaning that each room gets cleaned that little bit each and every day.

Got five minutes after your morning shower? Take those five minutes to pull out the glass cleaner and spot remover that you have stored under the sink and give everything a quick wipe down! Walking through the living room on your way to take dishes to the sink? Give it a quick vacuum!

It is these simple little routine changes that add up and you’ll have a spic and span house in no time flat! Thanks grandma!

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