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Woman Uses Dawn Power Wash on Her Light Switch Plates and Now We Have Something Else To Clean

Have I ever cleaned anythign right in my entire life before TikTok?

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Nothing is more appreciated than cleaning hacks that make life easier and cut cleaning time in half, because nobody has time to waste on chores. Am I right?

TikTok account @tidytrojans shares a super simple - yet powerful - cleaning hack to get the itty bitty parts, such as around the light switch. Let's find out how!

Such a smart idea!

Talking about upcycling an old toothbrush! Just kidding! I'd certainly suggest using a new but cheap toothbrush, you can get at the Dollar Tree. 

As you can see in the video, this creator used a toothbrush, Dawn dish soap diluted with some water, and transferred the solution to a spray bottle for easy application. A little certainly goes a long way. A little scrub here and there, and lastly, a quick wipe, and your light switch plates look like new again!

TikTok had a mix of opinions, looking at the comments section.

As one TikToker @tjoebaxter posted,

"Not with my luck I would get electrocuted."

Where the creator replied to,

"Plastic does not conduct electricity well so as long as you’re not sticking your finger in, you’re probably fine I think? I’ve never been shocked or anything (yet)…"

It's still advised to be careful, as you're working with water close to electricity, so maybe have the lights off and wear gloves. 

And TikToker @idonthaveagoodone joked,

"Do I use my husband's or my kids' toothbrush? Do you alternate who you use or does it depend on how they act that week?! love this!"

Hilarious! Even more so the creator's response, as she wrote,

"Truly depends on the week. I also like to clean the bathroom sink stopper/drain with one so you can pick and choose whose gets used for which task!"

Another TikToker (@_irene_gonzalez) commented,

"Uh yeah, I just put rubbing alcohol on a paper towel and wipe it. Why go through all this lol."

This certainly works too. And so do Magic Erasers if you have them handy. If not, this power wash hack is your best and most affordable option.

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