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Renovating Couple Gets Rid of Decades of Smoke Stains  With Just Two Products

Banish bad odors and ugly yellow stains with this simple process.

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A smoker can make or break a home buyer. When you have people who smoke cigarettes in their home, it is one of the toughest odors and stains to remove. The nicotine literally seeps into the walls, causing discoloration and stink. If new home buyers can get passed that, that is a solution out there that can restore homes and make them totally smoke free. 

Renovating couple on TikTok known as @CreatetoRenovate has a knack for knowing when a place can be saved. And when they saw this home, they knew they had to look passed the yellow stained walls and odious odor to have a space of their dreams. Thankfully they showed us exactly how they did it. 


First they noted that fabric is one of the hardest things to removed the smoke smell out of, so getting rid of the carpet and the drapes was a necessity for them. The walls and ceilings however were completely yellow, so their two-step process really begins there.

First, they took a bunch of cleaning white vinegar and warm waters and gave the ceilings and floors a good wipe down. Next they used industrial strength primer to mask and kill odor, but as they say in the video, it is essential to work with protective gear and keep the windows open while painting and letting it dry.

And after they slapped a few coats of base paint on there, there were one room closer to have a smoke-free home. And thankfully, now we can be too!