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Watch How Mom Gets Tub Spotless After Soaking Kids In a Skin-Soothing Herbal Bath

The flowers and herbs look pretty but they can also be a pain to clean. Watch how one TikToker keeps her baths luxurious and her tub clean.

The loaded bath-bomb era is a low-key nightmare for plumbers and homeowners alike. We're pretty sure in our overworked society, the idea of sinking into a bath full of aromatherapy curated herbs sounds like heaven. What will not be heaven is when an abundance of debris gets jammed down your drains. 

But according to one mom who drew such a bath to sooth her kids' sun-soaked skin, clean up really isn't a problem. All you need us a strainer and some elbow grease.


After her kids took a bath in the tub where she dumped Epsom salt, blended oatmeal, essential oils, and calendula flowers, she was left with soothed kids and a big mess. The mom acknowledges in the video to avoid the mess completely popping the herbs and petals into a muslin bag is just as efficient, but in her words:

"I just don't think it looks as pretty."

She does a huge swoop while the bath is still full to grab as many chunks of herbs as she can. When she feels she can't manually grab anymore, she places the strainer over the drain and catches even more as the water empties. Any remnants are wiped away with a damp cloth then it's thoroughly scrubbed. 

Honestly, if it gets the kids in bed easier, who cares what the clean up is like?!