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Woman Updates Her Fabric Closet Doors With Party Decorations and TBH It’s Pretty Fun

Can’t dull her shine…

When it comes to switching up the style of your home, some changes require quite a bit of work, while other changes come rather easy, especially if you have a simple tutorial to follow courtesy of social media.

From difficult renovations to simple tutorials, social media has our backs with showing us how some things can be done with the right tools, a good amount of skill and sometimes, a little creativity. And a little creativity is all it took for this TikTok content creator, @shittycraftclub, to effortlessly replace her closet doors with party decor and honestly, we’re loving the outcome!


In the video, she gives us a brief glimpse of her plain, gray closet doors that are reminiscent of the gray cloth-like material that is used as privacy dividers for office cubicles. While there’s nothing wrong with them and they do a fairy good job at hiding what’s in her closet, it’s a little dull. So, not being one to settle in this situation, Sam decided to switch things up by using metallic fringe door curtains and after custom fitting the colorful curtains to perfectly fit her closet, we’re shown the final look and it looks so good!

We would’ve never thought to use party décor as part of the home’s aesthetic, but after seeing this, we’re here for it!