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Woman Converts Closet into a Stunning Library

We’ll just pick our jaws up off the floor now.

Have some space in your house but not sure what to do with it? Well, you could always wall it off and make a super secret hideaway for yourself or your kiddo, or maybe you want to go with something a bit more unusual… Maybe an entire library tucked away in your home?

Well, let us just say that if you’re a fan of all things bookish, then you HAVE to check out this ‘hidden’ closet library!


TikTok channel DailyBookRecs has focused on all things books, and yes while a part of that means dedicating time to their small book shop and reccing all of their favorite stories and authors, it also means that they show off all other things book related. One of those ‘related’ things being bookshelves, displays, and even hidden libraries!

Now we have seen plenty of videos where people have entire man caves or a whole speak easy hidden in plain view, but to have a library stashed away in your closest? That takes skill!

The creator shows off her before space, a nicely sized yet completely empty closet, then with a door close and reopen we have the entire room laid out with beautiful dark wallpaper, massive bookshelves, a tiny tea table, and even a lounger. Honestly, the amount of ‘stuff’ she was able to fit into the closet is stunning and we could never have imagined being able to put all of that together in a closet, especially not without making it feel too small and too cramped!

We are in love with the entire aesthetic of this space too! It really brings to mind sitting in a tiny, hidden nook and is the perfect place to lose yourself to the world for a little bit! So what do you think - perfect use for a walk-in closet or waste of space?