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Woman Has Brilliant Hack For Getting Wrinkles Out Of Clothes Without Using an Iron

Saves time? We love it!
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Ugh, wrinkled clothes. I fall subject to starting laundry day, getting half way through it, and forgetting I have an entire basket of clean clothes in the dryer three days later.

I dreadfully walk into the laundry room, grab my hamper and get the clothes out of the dryer. I walk into my room, turn it over and dump them out onto the bed to realize that it's all my fancy “going out clothes”, filled with cottons, nylon, and synthetic fabrics that are all prone to wrinkling, like extreme wrinkling.

Now I would normally just wash and try to re-dry all my clothes which is time consuming and costs more money, but thanks to @sarahebaus I have a new trick to add to my bag for my clothes that are prone to wrinkling or ones I’ve let wrinkle…opps. 

Using a simple spray solution on wrinkly clothes will completely fix my problem of letting the clothes stay too long in the dryer, tossed in a ball on the ground or curling in the closet.

The woman uses Downy Wrinkle Releaser, she mentions it works extremely well on dress shirts and ‘sensitive to wrinkle fabrics’ as a preventative measure.

Her commentators on the video also had genius ideas such as ones that are free. Andrea Jarvis said “Also throw a wrinkly shirt in the dryer with a damp towel and it steams itself!”, another commenter, Bre, said “I toss my shirt in the dryer on high with a hand towel and a couple ice cubes.”

If you are anything like me and struggle with wrinkled clothes, then we sure have learned a thing or two from this!

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