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Oregon Man Over Seeds Lawn With Clover and the Result Is Pretty Stunning

What a cool way to fill in the gaps

We can’t get enough of clover lawns. They’re beautiful, lush, easy to maintain…seriously, we can keep going about clover lawns and the benefits of covering your lawn with its’ seeds. Given all of the benefits and simply how stunning it is, we’re not surprised to see more people across social media showing off their well-manicured clover lawns.

And this latest clover lawn discovery from TikTok content creator and backyard gardener @mikesgarden is no exception — it’s absolutely gorgeous!


As seen in the video, this clover lawn is beautiful! It’s so full, perfectly coiffed and green, and complements the garden so well! He mentions how the lawn not only looks great even when it’s mowed and not flowering, but it fills the gaps in the yard and it’s soft to walk on.

His followers and viewers in the comment section agree with him ripping up the original lawn and adding clover seeds. One follower, @enilayaj, made an interesting observation that we not only agree to, but love — “[It] looks like green velvet!”

The only drawback to clover lawns, is they do attract more bees, however, that may not be a bad thing depending on how you look at it.

At this point it’s safe to say, clover lawns are the way to go!