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Woman Asks Home Depot to Mix Coffee Grounds In White Paint For Custom Color and We’re Shocked at How it Turned Out

She is a woman on a mission.

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When it comes to customizing paint at Lowe's or Home Depot, your options are pretty much endless and you can recreate any color your heart desires. Such as this woman did, who lives in an IRL Barbie Dream House and everything is Barbie pink.

Then there are other people, who are obsessed with the color of their Starbucks latte and want to recreate that exact same milky brown, as TikToker @quanhicucs did. 


Honestly, at first, I thought that she was joking when she asked the employee at Home Depot to mix the paint with the coffee, after adding the ground coffee to it. 

As you can see in part two of the video, the employee mixed it for her and it turned out great. Literally, this reminds me of a latte or a cup of coffee with a dash of cream. I'm just wondering if the paint also has a slight coffee scent to it. I wouldn't mind it, as it is better than paint fumes. I am just a bit surprised - or rather shocked - that between all those shades of brown that Home Depot carries, from all those different brands, none of them would carry the color "milk coffee" or "coffee?" I believe the closest would be espresso or mocha but that is still darker than a milky brown, like this one.

Now I am curious if I can create Skittles paint or Strawberry Creme Savers paint. Just FYI this account is solely a parody and no coffee grounds were harmed.