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Woman Has Creative Use for Quirky Coffee Mugs and We’re Definitely Stealing This Idea

Um, how adorable is this?!

At DenGarden, plants are kind of a big thing. It is sort of in our name, after all, and we spend a lot of time scouring the vast reaches of the internet to bring you some of the oddest, cutest, and most interesting ideas that any plant parent can use or make their own.

Things like tips for your garden (or what NOT to do in your garden), or why you should be nabbing some rubber snakes for your yard, or even unusual planters like what we are covering today! And we can guarantee that after this article you will be heading to your local thrift or resale shop to do the same thing that this TikTok creator did!


Anna Rose Johnson, self-proclaimed How-To Gal and mega-thrifter, is also a major flower lover. So how would she combine each of these things? By thrifting some really cool old coffee mugs and using them as interesting planters for her succulents!

The video starts off with a really neat looking, hand-made coffee mug that has to be at least a ‘few’ years old. And by few, we are thinking probably from the nineties or so. It shows off a cute old-style computer, complete with itty bitty keyboard, and its hand-made nature makes it look really interesting compared to modern day mass-produced stuff.

Anna then picks some flowers that look absolutely stunning when set off against the paler colors of the mug itself. Then another old mug, old, antiqued, looking like a bronzed Buddha head, with some trailing succulents falling out in a gentle spill.

Cup after cup, succulent after flower, we have to admire the sheer diversity of all of Anna’s thrifted cups, as well as imagine where they came from, what their stories were before they came into her hands.

So, we are off to find ourselves some ‘rad’ old mugs and see just what kind of plant-cuteness we can get ourselves into!