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This Coffin Mirror Dresser Gets the Best Makeover

Perfect for those dark and moody homes.

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We love old furniture. There are so many styles and kinds and even builds that seem to be lacking in a lot of today’s furniture, some sort of ‘life’ that probably comes from the more hand-crafted means of those that came before us. They took more chances, and made more mistakes, making each and every dresser, drawer, stool, or more simply unique.

We also love to see exactly how brilliant creators bring these old pieces back to new life, such as when Katie Scott got her hands on an old art deco dresser with a unique feature and gave it a whole new look!


Katie Scott considers herself a salvager of old pieces and loves sharing inspiration for how others can do the same. She recently went to a resale store and found a gorgeous art deco dresser, but the real focus of the dresser was a unique coffin-shaped mirror at the top.

So Katie dragged the piece home and got right to work making her way through the three (yes, three) coats of really thick white paint with some biodegradable stripper. This stripper pulled off a lot of the paint, making the task somewhat easier, but poor Katie still had to really get in there and do a lot of scraping all her own and even picked any leftover paint out of the tiny nooks of the details on the dresser.

A good sanding of the maple beneath follows, revealing a really stunning natural wood piece and making us wonder exactly why someone would want to paint it white in the first place. To help enhance the natural look, Katie used a black stain to give it an ebony effect before lovingly restoring the wood with some hemp-oil based furniture salve. She finished the piece off by slipping in a new cut mirror to replace the damaged original, and the end result is beyond our wildest expectations!

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