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Woman Gives Her CoffIn Shelf Epic Update

It looks so much better

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Some of the best things in life are free; whether that’s spending quality time with your loved ones or actually getting lucky and scoring a free item that we not only want, but actually need in our home. While it’s always nice to spend time with some of our favorite people, we can’t help but find joy when we’re gifted a free item that we want, even if it does require a little TLC to get it looking better than ever.

Such is the case with TikTok content creator @divine_divergent. She received a free coffin shelf while working at a beer and wine store and with a little paint, Modge Podge, some creativity and “elbow grease” she completely transformed the free shelf into a beautiful statement piece in her home!


Originally starting off with a black and red coffin shelf, she sanded it down before deciding on a light grey color called “Victorian Pewter.” After painting the entire outside of the coffin, as well as its’ shelves, she opted to use a velvet purple fabric for the backing of the shelves and made 20 homemade buttons using the same fabric. She then added silver handles to the outside of the coffin shelf and finished the DIY project by adding decorations to each of the shelves.

Much like her followers and viewers in the comment section, we love this epic update she gave the coffin shelf!