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Teacher Shows Off His Color Guard Skills And We Are Amazed

He must have been practicing!

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So you could easily say that we respect teachers quite a bit. They have to deal with children of all ages day in and day out, not to mention trips, lack of supplies, and even parents who are a bit too involved in their kids’ lives. Even those who love their subject may find it hard to keep up after a while, but there are a certain few who manage to keep the spark alive even years later.


Take Ryan Eberly for example. This color guard coach has to put in a lot of time and effort keeping up with the band, quite literally. Like any other coach he stays late for practice, takes time out of his day to give practices and advice, and heads out to games and competitions.

But we’ve also learned that sometimes coaches don’t always know how to do whatever it is they’re coaching. We’ve all seen the football or softball coach who doesn’t really participate anymore, even though they know the sport forwards and backward.

But Ryan is a different sort and not only is he a color guard coach, but he’s also obviously kept up his skills over the years! This video is a display of those skills, and the man tosses the flag around like he was born with it in his hands. We find the round-the-neck twirl, the behind-the-back catch, and the final move to be particularly stunning, even though we do wonder how he managed to get back up afterward!

What we find most fascinating about this is that Ryan apparently caught the eye of someone a bit high up. In his video he uses the classic *NSYNC song ‘Its Gonna Be Me’, and thanks to hundreds of people tagging, Lance Bass got summoned and put his own appreciative two cents in on the video.

So you go Mr. Ryan! Keep up the hard work and maybe ice those knees after class!