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Woman Shows How She Made a Space-Saving Composting Tower

This is such a cool idea

Those who are experienced with caring for plants know first-hand the benefits of owning a multitude of plants. Caring for plants is known to improve your mood and focus, decrease stress and anxiety, improve air quality in your home and so much more. Additionally, once you develop a hobby in starting a garden and caring for plants, thateventially lead to other relatable interests, such as composting.

Composting is extremely beneficial for the environment because when you recycle organic matter such as leaves and food scraps, it creates a fertilizer that enriches soil and plants that are used for gardening and agriculture. Knowing this, TikTok content creator decided to create her own space-saving composting tower and it just may be the coolest way to compost!


Using tools she already had, she took an old PVC pipe and drilled a ton of holes into the piping. She then grabbed her shovel and dug a hole in her yard, placed the pipe into the hole and began to surround it with dirt. Next, she replanted her tiny jackfruit tree right next to the newly-planted compost tower and watered it. Finally, she dropped her kitchen scraps into the composting tower and covered the tower with a cap, however if you don’t have a cap to fit over the tower, you can also use a netting or cloth with a rope around it.

This composting tower is so easy and extremely beneficial to your garden!