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With a Stencil and a Compound Mix Woman Makes Gorgeous Textured Wall Accent

This opens up so many possibilities!

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I would like to start off by saying that I absolutely adore a good accent wall. I think it is an amazing way to tie an entire room, or rooms, together and create something for the eye to focus on that doesn’t necessarily have to be a piece of furniture or decoration. Furthermore, there are so many ways you can create an accent wall, from using wallpaper and paint to different textures and more.

Take this extremely interesting look created from only a stencil and compound mix, thanks to the creators over at Guadagnoli Group!


So what is so cool about this accent wall in particular is what is being used to create it. Unlike other methods which rely primarily on paint or something else to create the stand out effect, this creator instead focuses on the more natural and almost earthy tones of drywall texture on the wall. There are already divots and cracks to help draw attention, giving it a really old school, almost adobe-like look.

But from there they also got out two things - a large floral slash decorative stencil and some joint compound. Picking a location that is slightly off to one side, they mix up the compound, slap up the stencil, then carefully smooth the compound over the stencil so that it completely covers the entire area.

Once the compound has been allowed to dry slightly, meaning that it won’t shift or slide down from its own weight, the stencil is removed and the entire area is allowed to finish drying out completely. What is left behind is a perfectly replicated, raised version of the stencil that looks like something you’d see on an ancient Grecian street.

Honestly, I am so in love with this look and I can’t wait to find somewhere in my own home that I can try it out myself!

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