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Homeowners DIY a Faux Stone Walkway Out of Concrete and It’s Genius

They saved a ton of money too

Home renovations require a lot of work. Whether attempting to makeover the inside or outside of your home, it requires a lot of effort and it can also cost quite a bit of money, too; unless you can do it yourself.

Such is the case with TikTok content creator @kraftykay12, who completely transformed her home’s entrance walkway using minimal tools — and not only does the transformation look amazing, she was able to do this all for an extremely affordable price of $131!


In the video, she used 18 bags of concrete, a bag of sand, concrete mold and a concrete tool to complete this project. To start, they used sand to help level out the area before filing the the concrete molds with the concrete and water mix. Next, she simply used the concrete tool to even out the concrete over the mold to create the faux stone look, before allowing it to dry.

We’re not sure exactly how long it took for them to complete the project, but the end result was definitely worth it - this faux stone walkway looks amazing and they saved a lot of money doing it themselves!