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Woman Makes Adorable Shelves Out of Hunk of Concrete

They so gorgeous
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Unique shelving has taken off in the world of DIY. Faux floating shelves made out of wood and attached with towel rods. Old vinyl records melted, bent, and transformed into funky wall shelves. Halloween themed coffin shelves made out of the simplest material; cardboard. And swing shelves that add a quirky fun take on the classic wall mounted board.

Home DIYer and content creator @genevavanderzeil posted to TikTok another unique and self made shelf that will have all DIYers quaking over, and its made with one odd material; chunks of broken concrete.

To make these fun shelves the woman first smashes the solid chunks of concrete on the ground, aiming for larger pieces. Using the pieces that broke off from the 90 degree corners she then screws metal brackets into the concrete pieces using concrete screws. She attaches the other end of the bracket securely on the wall. You could always add a clear coat sealant to preserve and protect the concrete before installing.

Once installed the woman begins decorating her beautiful corner concrete shelves, she places a few pottery pieces, and candles on them to create the ultimate non fussy vibe.

We won't judge if you do this in every corner of your space, because we just might!

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