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Couple Lives In a 12x30 Converted Shed and Proves Small Homes Can Be Grand, Too

This small space is cozy and beautifully planned.

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Have you ever wondered what living in a tiny home would be like? How do people do it? Do they have the same square footage as my apartment? Doesn't it feel cramped? We may never know the answers to these questions, but I can tell you one thing: 

This couple lives in a converted shed and loves it! Their space is only 400 square feet, but you wouldn't know that from looking at their TikTok because every inch of their home looks beautiful.

We were of course jealous and so was everyone else.

"So cozy!! I love it!" @Jodi F

"You have a cozy and very heartwarming home, I love it!!!! You can see and feel the love within your home!!!! God bless & love to all." @BettyJaneO

Of course, some folks had great logistical questions. 

"Love it. but what about a restroom and shower?" @Karen Perkins187

Honestly, that's our biggest concern with tiny living and small homes. There plenty of awesome tutorials and accounts like this one to guide you through the transition.

Living small is not only possible but also not necessarily as restrictive as you may think. Small spaces can be cozy and comfortable if you get creative with decorating and planning!

The first step to making your tiny home feel luxurious is to embrace the fact that there is no extra space for anything. You don't have to worry about storing extraneous items in your apartment; all of your belongings will fit into one room. 

This means no more packing up the car and driving across town every time you need something from another room or closet; instead, everything can be found right at your fingertips. Living in a smaller space will save money on rent or mortgage payments too! 

What's more? Living in a smaller place means less energy use overall, saving even more money when it comes time for utility bills!

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