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Mom Makes Copycat McDonald's Nuggets with a Blender and Swears They Taste Like the Real Deal

You may never visit the chain again.

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There's no denying fast food has got its claws deep into Americans, but we all know that none of it is really very good for us. It can be particularly challenging when our kids get into it because it is all they want. In addition to all that processed food not being great for their little bodies, it can get expensive as heck making McD's runs on the regular. All that being said, you can't really deny that their nuggets just hit the spot when you're craving something junky.

Thanks to TikToker and home cook Lex, you can now have the best of both worlds. Step-by-step this mom walks you through how to make homemade nuggets that rival the corporate chain's. Just a forewarning, you are going to need a blender or food processor for this one.


After plopping ground chicken, egg, and some seasonings in a blender, she took out the paste and formed nugget shaped patty. After coating them in cornstarch, she whipped up a batter to coat them in, flash pan fried them and then popped them in the air fryer. They came out super crispy, so much so our mouths are watering just looking at them. 

Of course, you could always tweak the recipe to be a little healthier with a few swaps, but the more you do, the less close you'll be to that deliciously sinful McDonald's  taste. Enjoy the nuggets and pat yourself on the back for the homemade work. mama. you deserve it!