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Couple’s DIY “Coraline” Cosplay Is Jaw-Droppingly Creepy

They ate that up!!

Halloween is just around the corner and you know what that means - so is the spooky season! Time for bubbling cauldrons, sweet treats, and best of all, costumes! We love to see just how creative everyone can get around this time, and when we spot spooky-cool costumes like these, you know we have to feature them!


Now, we aren’t going to say viewer discretion is advised, but if you don’t like creepily realistic button eyes, then you might want to steer away because the couple from Wicked Within on TikTok has nailed the look.

From perfect prosthetics that immaculately mimic the look of button eyes (using fake skin and see-through buttons) to awesomely replicated costumes, these two make something that, quite honestly, belongs straight in our nightmares. It doesn’t help that the two are walking around with twitchy movements that would do Neil Gaiman proud, and even the sight of a cute puppy doesn’t help.

So kudos to you two, and thanks for creeping all of us (and all of your viewers) out. We can only imagine the work it takes to come up with this idea and sculpt the pieces, not to mention how long it probably took to apply this creepy makeup! And we are not the only ones, with many commenters raving over how lifelike the look is, or that the pair should be hired ASAP for a live-action remake of Coraline!

Luckily, the two do give us some background information on the application process, and you can go watch that video (in all its creepy horror awesomeness), here! Let us know if you try out something similar for yourself, or if you take the idea and run with it to make something new!