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U.K. Woman Shows Us How to Easily Transform Corks Into Tiny Ghosts and It's Too Cute

Finally, our cork collection has another purpose

In an effort to provide minimalists with more Halloween décor options to satisfy their minimal and monochromatic palette, we have found another great DIY decoration courtesy of TikTok user @sorenshouse. These cute and spooky cork ghosts are too easy, cute and are perfect for anyone regardless of skill level. What’s even better, you likely already have everything you need!


To start this simple DIY project, she first used a paint brush to coat the corks with school glue or Elmer’s glue to seal. After the corks dried, she painted them with a thin coat of white paint and used a black permeant marker to add different spooky faces to each of the corks.

You can place these cute corks on a homemade spider web on your kitchen island or table or you can transform the cute spooky corks into little ornaments hang them on your plants.

There are quite a few options with how you can use these to decorate your home, but if you plan to keep it minimal, you can always simply dump the cork ghosts into a large clear bowl and place it onto the center of your kitchen table. That’s the perfect way to keep it simple while still getting into the Halloween spirit!