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Grow Your Own Corn With This Simple Hack

Supply your own food.

Across the US, we’re all experiencing the increase of gas when filling up our cars’ gas tanks and whether or not we’re directly impacted by some of the food shortages, one thing is for sure — we’re all noticing the rising cost of grocery bills due to inflation.

While there are some necessary items on our grocery lists that we have to continue to buy regardless of inflation, the good news is, there are some things we can actually scratch off our grocery lists for good, thanks to this super simple hack courtesy of TikTok user @ashweisal!


It’s so cool that we can grow a whole garden from leftovers! Rather than throwing the leftover corn away, simply place the shucked corn into a container with one inch of water. Be sure to change the water either every day or every other day to avoid the water becoming stagnant. After two weeks, you’ll notice sprouts growing from the corn. Carefully pick the sprouts individually and plant them into soil. And there you have it — your own supply of fresh corn!

People took to the comments to provide additional tips for this hack. “Make sure to care for your soil. Corn is a heavy feeder and we are looking at fertilizer shortages,” TikTok user @nikkiroyc3 shared. “Don't forget to plant the corn close together for best produce,” @maysonhall4 commented. “We call it our garbage garden. The garbage bits of veggies and fruits are used to grow our own food for years to come,” @keisere6519 wrote.

Additionally, there were some people in the comments that challenged if genetically modified or cooked corn could produce additional corn. While some may disagree with doing so, be sure to do your own research and ultimately do what you feel is best. Ultimately though, given the times we’re in, we all can appreciate this simple gardening hack.