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Man Shares How He Is Starting His Own Corn Maze for Fall

If you have the land, this could be a lot of fun come October!

Is it safe to assume that many people are over the summer season already? I mean, all across social media, content creators have already started doing autumn-themed DIY projects and decking their entire home with Halloween decorations.

While some people are content with decorating their front porch to showcase their love of the Halloween season, TikTok content creator and gardener @epicgardening decided to up the ante with his Halloween décor by planting a corn maze in his own backyard!


In the video, he starts the seemingly simple process by first clearing out a big square in his backyard before mixing some compost into the ground and poking a bunch of holes in the form of a spiral, planting a corn seed in each hole. The perfect spiral path in which he created, leads to the middle where he intends to plant a special surprise.

We love this idea! And much like his followers in the comment section, we can’t wait for the next few months to pass so we can see both the final look of the corn maze when it’s fully grown, as well as what the special surprise will be!