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Don’t Throw Away That Corn Silk From Freshly Shucked Corn

Who knew it could be used?!

We love when we can find multiple uses out of a single product. Whether it’s refreshing your sheets with vodka, curling your hair with socks, or using empty toilet paper rolls as bird feeders, it’s always great when you’re able to reuse a product and save a little money in the process. Reusing products clearly has its benefits, which is why we always love when we come across a great hack that introduces us to common household items and goods that can be used more than one way.

Case in point- shucked corn. TikTok user @mzansinatural shared how we can use the corn silk from freshly shucked corn in a completely surprising way!


Are you just as surprised that you can make tea from corn silk? We’re completely shocked upon learning about this. As she mentioned in the video, apparently it was used in ancient Native American and Chinese medicine to treat body infections such as UTIs. This is so beneficial! People went to the comment section to share their tips and warnings of using corn silk. “I can confirm!!!!!!!! Yes yes yes. It literally tastes like corn. It ain’t bad just chug it. The relief is woooorth it” @iamsibz_ wrote. “Omg yes and it WORKS. Cleared it up within the next day!!” @whyyoualwayshungry shared. “Only if it is organic. Most corn in the USA is genetically modified.” TikTok user @janedo87 commented.

Clearly, reusing the silk from corn has its’ benefits, but of course, it’s best to do your research first. In the meantime, we’ll be harvesting extra corn this summer!