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Bring Some Cozy Cottagecore Into Your Home With This DIY Herb Rack

BRB. Gotta go make one.

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Think of it as an urban farmhouse. A little rustic, a little simple, and has a lot of charm. Cottagecore is the new trend in home decorating, and it's got me dreaming about breakfasting on fresh herbs straight from my windowsill garden. It's also got us thinking about adding some cottage-inspired elements to my kitchen without spending a ton of money—and that's where this DIY herb drying rack comes in!

Cottagecore style evokes a sense of nostalgia, which is why it's so popular among home decorators and gardeners. This aesthetic borrows from simple country life to create an atmosphere of calm and relaxation.

We were absolutely enchanted by the practical magic of this DIY flower drying rack. And the rest of TikTok was equally charmed.

"The fact you did this on the floor instead of a work table is really inspiring! I have floor space! I could DIY!" @user3478537575362 

"This is so cute!!!! And finally a DIY that doesn’t involve power tools that I don’t have." @It’s Dani

We love the ingenuity (and the literal cottagecore vibes it gives us). Some folks even compared it to well-known fantasy game.

"Reminds me of Skyrim. Also makes me want to make one for my kitchen." @xensha13

Whether you're just starting out in the kitchen or have been cooking for years, herbs are essential to making delicious meals. They add flavor, give your dishes more nutritional value, and can even be used as natural pesticides around your garden. If you don't have an abundance of counter space in your tiny apartment kitchen, this drying rack can bring some cozy, organized charm into your living space

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