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Woman Explains How Ditching Your Cotton Sheets Might Help Your Allergies

The dust has no where to hide with this alternative.

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Allergies are the worst, especially during the spring and fall seasons when pollen and other seasonal allergies are at their peak. While there are multiple medications you can use to attempt to combat allergies, sometimes you need a bit more. In situations like this, it’s best to take action changing things in your every day life to try and get rid of allergens as much has possible and one way to do this is by changing the types of sheets you use.

According to TikTok content creator, switching out your cotton sheets for eucalyptus or mulberry silk sheets is a great way to help get rid of allergens. Check out why it’s necessary to make the switch in the video below.


She mentions that cotton sheets hold onto dust mites no matter if you wash your sheets several times a week because washing only kills 60-83% of live dust mites, leaving the remaining 17% on the cotton sheets even after you wash the sheet set. Because of this, people with allergies or asthma can benefit greatly with silk sheets simply because dust mites don’t like the material and can’t thrive in silk sheets.

She further explains that people who have allergies or asthma breathe better with silk because it clears up sinuses, stops the excessive sneezing, runny eyes and congestion as a result of the silk sheets not housing dust mites.

Additionally, silk sheets are also better for your skin and hair as well.

Welp, we’re convinced to make the switch, what about you?