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People are Slamming This Counter Space Saving “Hack”

It’s not going to end well.

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We have seen plenty of great hacks, DIYs, and space-saving tips that have pretty much changed how we decorate and organize our homes. But occasionally, some ideas simply… don’t make sense or wouldn’t work without tons of money being thrown at the problem. I personally also love how people are oh so willing to call out when something is wrong as soon as they see it.

Case in point, this rather pointless and even potentially harmful storage hack from TikTok channel, FarmhouseCharm.


Don’t get me wrong, I love being able to hide something that obnoxiously stands out from the rest of my decor. But that doesn’t mean that I’ll sacrifice things like basic safety or common sense just to keep my house looking aesthetically pleasing.

Which are two things that appear to have flown right out the window when this creator decided that her router, which she stores in her kitchen, should actually be put away. And to be fair, we’ve seen some people who were able to hide their routers, but they made the correct decisions. This creator seemed to make all the wrong ones, including putting her wired router into a large metal container… If you don’t know, this is likely to dampen any kind of signal the router would put out, as well as potentially cause it to overheat.

And commenters are dragging her for it. From those wondering why her router is in her kitchen, of all places, to why she thought putting a router in a metal container would work right. So if you’re looking for a way to hide your router and douse your Wi-FI (hey, maybe you’re mad at your family, I won’t judge), this could potentially work but otherwise… just steer clear.

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