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Couple Shows How Cutting Off the Top of a Countertop Opens Up a Space

The area looks so much bigger!

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Are you missing a bit of space in your kitchen and want to make it seem larger, open it up a bit more? Most of us do, but sometimes there are only a few options aside from adding more upper cabinet space, which can actually make your kitchen feel more cramped, or opening up what cabinet space you do have so that more fits!

Well, one other option that might surprise you might actually be cutting off your countertops! I will let Melissa from The Daily Diy explain!


When confronted with limited space in their kitchen area, Melissa and her partner decided that the best course of action was going to be to cut off a part of their kitchen island. Now, this might seem like a drastic step to many people, but it also isn’t the worst! Kitchen islands, especially if they are a bit older, tend to be clunky, taking up way more space than is necessary.

So why not take some of that space back?

The pair start off by reducing a lot of the height from the island and removing the entire second tier, before replacing it with a butcher block that seems like it was made for the space. This instantly opens up the view from the kitchen area into the sitting room just beyond, and vice versa, but also just looks so much sleeker and more elegant.

Doing so also created so much more useable space, as now the entire butcher block is capable of being used, not just the side facing the kitchen, and if wanted people can even drag chairs right up to the new space and eat right at the counter, which was not an option before!

So here is your lesson on how sometimes the unexpected move may be the best one!