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Woman Upcycles Vintage Books Into a Kitchen Knife Block and It’s Cute as Heck

This upcycle is perfect for people with a country aesthetic.

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What happens when a woman takes some old books, a few high-quality knives, and a little time to create something unique? The world gets a kitchen knife block that is both practical and adorable. You see, she loves knives and also books. When she saw this DIY idea for turning vintage books into a kitchen knife block, she thought it was cool!

She wanted to make something that would be useful in the kitchen and also repurpose old books. The result is pretty darn cute—and it is a great gift for anyone who loves cooking and literature.

Most folks found this adorable and very creative.

"This is what I've done too! So cute. I love her cowboy books." @Julie Rosema

"So cute and a great idea." @Karon Conover

"I’d love to see other things she decorates with, this is brilliant." @Sherrie Everett

We would, too!

She had a few key criteria in mind when looking for the perfect book to upcycle. First, it needed to be large enough to hold plenty of knives. Second, it needed to be sturdy enough to hold all those blades. Thirdly (and most importantly), it couldn't look like a weird old book that held nothing but knives anymore—it had to be beautiful!

We love finding new ways to repurpose old things. When we were kids, our parents tried to make us understand how wasteful it was to throw out perfectly good items that could be used again. This is why they made us clean up our toys after playing with them and why they never threw away anything that could come in handy someday.

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