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Couple Concocts Perfect Way to Keep Guests’ Phones Out of Their Hands On Their Wedding Day

Be present, ya’ll

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In today’s world, most of us would be lost without our handheld computers, better referred to as our phones; after all, we practically do everything with them. We also understand the unspoken belief that if you don’t have photos or videos of an event, then you technically weren’t “there,” but sometimes, not whipping out your phone at some events makes the occasion even more memorable because you’re actually in the present and able to truly enjoy the moment.

Such is the case with this couple who opted to go cell-phone free for their wedding and we love how they executed it!


In the video uploaded by TikTok account @teambonjon, a couple’s officiant hilariously directed everyone to take out their phones for 30 seconds to spend a brief moment capturing the couple before having to put their phones away. As their wedding guests did just that, the officiant spoke hilarious directions into the microphone guiding the couple into acting like they’re fake laughing, exchanging fake wedding vows as they stare deeply into each other’s eyes, sharing hilarious moments with their wedding party and fake pointing at their parents.

The officiant’t hilarious directions appeared to be received well by everyone in attendance and we love how she was able to effortlessly guide everyone into being in the present moment for this special occasion.