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Woman Dupes $2,000 Crate & Barrel Cabinet With Thrift Store Find

The end result is so impressive!

Thrifting isn’t just for the faint of heart; it takes a creative individual to hone in on the skill of taking another person’s trash and making it their own treasure. Having such talent doesn’t come easy for some folks, but for this couple, they absolutely have it.

TikTok user @healwithmedina uploaded a video showing how her and her boyfriend took a $22 thrifted cabinet and are transforming it into a beautiful $2,000 Crate and Barrel dupe.


This cabinet was such a great find!! And for only $22, what a win! So far, she used a lot of peanut butter to fill in the holes, removed the chicken wire from the doors, primed it and removed the extra details from the bottom. Additionally, she removed the fabric and foam from the inside of the cabinet as well and we have to say, it’s looking pretty promising. While we’re not sure exactly why fabric and foam were in the cabinet, someone in the comments presented an interesting reason as to why the previous owner may have seen it beneficial to have the interesting materials in the cabinet. “This looks like a Catholic Confessional screen which would explain the fabric/foam/wire which would assist with sound reduction and privacy!” @spicyeuchre wrote. That’s interesting!

Currently, the couple is waiting Cane Rattan and will provide us with an update. We can’t wait to see the final result!