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This 2-Step Hack Gets Crayon Off Walls With Ease

Who knew you could use a blowdryer like that!?

Kids are always gonna' kid. As parents know, that means spills both accidental and intentional are bound to happen. Glasses will break. Knees will scrape. At one point or another, we hate to be the ones to tell you this, but crayon will be decorating the walls. All of these "offenses" are super common ones toddlers make, so really there is no need to get up in arms about the minor inconvenience of correcting them and remedying the problem. 

The problem is, the latter can be hard to remedy quickly if you don't have a Magic Eraser. 

Luckily there is a simple, easy, and fast trick to getting pesky crayons off of the wall, and all it comes down to is two simple "tools" to get the job done. 


First you have to hit the area with some heat, and a blowdryer is perfect the task. Warm it up just enough to get it a little loose and melty. Once you've heated it, quickly hit a wet washcloth with a dollop of dish soap and then wipe away. With very little elbow grease, the marks disappear and your wall is crayon free. 

Followers were quick to vouch for this method, saying that it has been a game changer with kids.

"Wow! It is an easy effective way," noted one user. "Thank you for sharing it with us."

Thank you, indeed. Now we aren't going to subject ourselves or our kids to the stress of dealing with this minor mess!