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Woman Has a Brilliant Way to Use Up Cricut Scraps

We love a sustainable crafter!
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Artists who use recycled materials or materials that would otherwise be tossed in the garbage bin to create their art hold a special place in all eco-conscious folks' hearts. The way that they can take something that others would call rubbish and transform it into a beautiful painting, sculpture, decoration, or a useful item, is astonishing to myself and like-minded individuals.

If you have ever used Cricut or other sorts of vinyl you are well area of all the messy scraps that are a by-product of the project you are working on, and since moist vinyl is made up of plastic they never really fully degrade and it takes a few hundred years to see signs of degradation.

TikTok content creator @cricutmakercrafts posted a recent video of a sustainable artist using vinyl scrap to create their artwork!

Cricut has a neat feature called SnapMat. The SnapMat tool allows you to use the software to implement designs to be printed onto the vinyl. On Cricut’s online FAQ page they describe the tool as “helps you visualize image and text placement by capturing a photo of your material on the cutting mat. You can see the layout as a virtual mat preview. Images and text can be repositioned over the photo for ideal placement.”

The woman uses her small scraps and places them on the mat, she uploads a photo of the placement of the scarps and begins dragging the designs over the image onto the scraps, the software then cuts the designs to almost 100% accurate precision.

The woman created cute snowflakes out of scrap iridescent vinyl that are so festive and cute!

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