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Woman Dyes Critical-Role Inspired Yarns And We're Loving It

Laudna would SO approve.

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Dungeons and Dragons have taken the nerd world by storm lately. The popular roleplaying game is easily shared among a group of friends or total strangers, and we’ve seen a ton of events, shows, groups, and more pop up around it. One of the most popular (and fun to watch) groups is Critical Role, led by DM Matt Mercer, and is made up of a colorful cast of voice actors, each roleplaying a unique character.

The fandom that has grown up around CritRole is massive and incredibly creative and we’ve seen a lot of cool stuff come out of that creativity. Let’s cover one such creative today!


Self-proclaimed D&D nerd, weaver, and small business owner Hannah runs the CornerOfCraft channel on TikTok and makes a lot of nerd-inspired stuff. She is also part of the ‘Knitical Role Fan Club’, a monthly fan club dedicated to the Critical Role fandom. Part of that fan club involves Hannah dying various yarns dedicated to various characters, with this month being focused on the new season’s beloved and kooky Warlock, Laudna.

The dark and ‘fun-scary’ vibe of Laudna, a sort of undead woman with a hilarious sense of humor, is played by the vibrant and bubbly Marisha, and she has had us in stitches many times. Its fun to see how the ‘darker’ traits of this character mesh with her more outgoing personality, and it was really cool to see how Hannah was able to translate both into the yarn colors that she chose!

For this inspired-character dye, Hannah picked a lot of deep reds and purples to really go with a darker vibe, but with some speckles and flashes of lighter color to also represented a bit more of the other side of the character’s nature. Honestly, we are in love with the color combo on its own, and even more so because it is such a perfect representation of Laudna!

This was an instant follow and we can’t wait to see more of the inspiration-pieces that Hannah is sure to come out with!