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Woman Comes Up With Craft Croc Hack for Crocheting

This is next level genius.

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If you crochet then you may have had an issue making sure that your string is all nice and tight even while you are working. Sure you can try and keep a really huge spool handy, or you could try to hold it between your knees and only reel out as much as you need, but then you are having to do that again and again as you get to the end of what you have let out!

What if we told you there was a simple solution to all of this and it only requires one… odd tool that you may already have hanging around your house?


So this might seem like sort of an odd solution, but the creator behind the LotsofKnotzNZ channel on TikTok has figured out the ultimate hack behind getting the perfect crochet spooling everytime. All you need is a pair of crocs. Ye, crocs. The ugly plastic shoes that so many people swear by.

What you want to do is slip on your crocs, then run a skewer or knitting hook through whatever it is you are using to crochet. Then just… (And we can’t believe we are saying this) hook either end in the holes in your crocs and voila. You can spool or unspool as much of your thread or yarn as you need as it will spin easily and freely between your shoes. Even the height is perfect, keeping the string untangled and free as well as out of the way of your hands while also still within easy reach.

We have to admit that the overall effect is one that is seriously functional aka… it simply works. And honestly, it almost makes us mad that it does! It shouldn’t be this easy, and this GOOD, at least not when it comes to crocs. But the honest truth is a hack doesn’t have to look good or even make much sense, as long as it works, and this tip one hundred percent personifies that.

So what do you think? Yay or nay for the croc hack?