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Woman Crochets Entire Spooky Scene for Front Window

It’s so cute!

Everyone has their favorite hobby. For some folks, they enjoy spending their free time playing video games, while others enjoy reading a book. Then there are those who are quite crafty with their hands and pick up skills like wood work or crocheting and we envy those who have either of these skills as it takes a ton of patience and skill.

The latter hobby is what TikTok user @userkennedyuser does when she has a little free time and recently she used her crochet skills to make an entire spooky scene for her front window and it’s so creative and cute!


To make this cute window display, she spent months crocheting an axe, a pair of eyeballs, a ‘R.I.P.’ sign, a hand coming out of the grass, a pair of bats hanging from a branch, a little ghost, spiders, and believe it or not, so much more. We see why it took a few months to create this cute Halloween display! Thankfully, her roommate approves of the creative design and so do the viewers and followers in the comment section.

“This is so freaking cool!!!” @sailingsamadhi shared. “This is amazing ! I want my own!!” @psychomama_ wrote. “OMG I’m obsessed!” @chunkyquesillo commented.

We clearly love this, too! What makes this crochet decoration even better is that she can reuse it again next year!