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Woman Upcycles String Lights With a Little Crochet

It's cute even with the lights off.

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This time of year, there's so much waste with old decorations getting thrown out or replaced. And string lights are just one of those seasonal decorations. Fortunately, with vintage aesthetics and various other decoration styles so popular now, it's much easier to repurpose seasonal items.

We are big fans of repurposing and reusing objects for new purposes. When we saw this idea for upcycling string lights, we knew it was one we just had to share. Your lights can have a few duds or not work completely and still serve a cute decorative purpose!

We've always loved string lights. They're a great way to add a little light to any room and they're so cheap! Whether you use them for decorating, making centerpieces for parties, or even just for setting the mood of an evening, string lights are incredibly versatile.

Most people had two immediate reactions: 

"OMG, this is genius." @Wet Sad Noodle "Are you kidding me?!? Adorable." @Ellie Scott 

and, "Ok, fire hazard." @katie

Don't worry though, these are safer than you might think. For those who missed this important detail in the video...

"Is everyone forgetting these are LEDS or… it’s fine they’re not gonna catch fire." @alley

But what if your favorite string lights have seen better days? If your strings have lost their shape or frayed at the ends, don't toss them out! Instead, crochet a new cover that's sure to last through many more seasons.

If you haven't learned how to crochet yet, it's a perfect time. You can pick up a hook and some yarn at the dollar store and start learning how to make flowers for your string lights today!

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