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Woman Gives Curbside Shelving Unit a Total Transformation and Now It Looks Like Something From IKEA

Such a huge difference

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These days, you can find some true gems on the curbside of your street. Anything from cool coffee tables to dressers. Sometimes even a cute, but dull-looking shelving unit that just needs a little TLC.

The owner of the TikTok account @duyguturgok had such luck and found a cute, little shelving unit, which she turned into an IKEA dupe. Let's find out how it turned out!

This is too cute!

And it looks like it's pretty simple to replicate!

As shown in the video, this creator removed the doors first, and screwed in some legs to elevate the piece. Next, she used some scrap wood in the same measurements as the shelving unit, which she then cut out oval-shaped with an electric saw, to give it a bit of a rounder and smoother appearance. 

The final touches included a pink paint job, and then gluing the sheet of scrap wood to the unit and letting it fully try.

Although, she didn't use a primer, it's recommended to use one so the paint stays on longer, but also for the shelving unit to have a smooth finish. 

However, it still came out looking great. And it's the perfect addition to her daughter's room. 

The TikTok community loved it, too, looking at the comments section.

As @velvethorns mentioned,

"Very pretty!"

I agree, it looks like it could be found at IKEA or Pottery Barn.

And TikToker @joannaphilippart commented,

"That’s so sweet."

Indeed. It's perfect for her daughter's books and stuffed animals. 

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