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Mom Adds Some Pizzazz to Her Nursery Curtains and TBH This Is Brilliant

This hack is perfect for any room that needs a pop of color.

Have you been looking for that cute little craft project to take your kiddos’ nursery or playroom to the next level? Look no further because we’ve got the perfect curtain hack to bring a pop of color and a splash of playfulness into any room.


Let me start off by saying I simply adore this decorating slash upcycling hack from Becca (becca089), aka mom just trying to keep her sanity while keeping up with two busy toddlers. A ton of parents out there can certainly understand where she’s coming from when she says she wants to make something quick and easy that also makes her kid’s space look just a little bit brighter.

Becca’s suggestion is to take some of those fuzzy balls you always seem to find in the craft section of your local store. They come in a wide array of colors and are the perfect size for this decorating trick. Next, you’ll need a curtain, but here’s the trick… You can easily take a curtain that you don’t necessarily love as much, or even an older curtain that doesn’t fit in with your current aesthetic, and upcycle it.

The final step is to get out our old faithful: the glue gun. Make sure you have an extra glue stick lying around, just in case. Sit down and take some time to dab on a little glue onto the back of each mini puff and stick them all over the curtain. The best thing about this hack is you can do as few or as many puffs as you want. You could also stick to one color, go with a specific color palette, or even go wild and put on as many colors as possible.

So, thank you, Becca! I’m off to the store to get some fuzzy mini puffs and some more hot glue because I have got to try these curtains out!