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This Hack Makes Finding the ‘Perfect’ Amount of Curtains Easy

Interior decorating, made easy!

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One of the absolute top things that I love about being able to write about and learn from all sorts of TikTok creators when it comes to decor and interior decorating is coming across tidbits and tips that I’d never have known or even heard of. I’d personally not have been brave enough to paint my rooms all black on a whim without someone pointing out how awesome it could be or that Dawn dish soap could be used on almost anything!

Case in point, learning that there was actually a method to the madness behind having ‘enough’ curtains, as Julie Sousa pointed out recently!


Now, you know how you’ve probably walked into someone’s home only to see that their curtains look so full and amazing, and you wondered at how they managed to find just the right ratio of the curtain to space?

I know I have. And usually when I’ve tried to do something like it, either I don’t get enough curtains, or somehow I put too many and the entire area just looks just… stuffed full of curtains. I never manage to find that balance, but luckily Julie has already figured out the exact ratio needed.

Essentially what you are going to want to do is measure the width of your window, then times that number by four. You’ll then divide that number by the curtain panel width, and that should give you the exact number of curtains you’ll need for a luxuriously filled up space, nothing more than a little math and a quick trip to the store required!

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