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Woman Uses Stick On Wallpaper and Curtain Rods For Perfect Decoration Display

This is the perfect décor diy for any space!

We absolutely love decorating! If there is a space that is open and we can put something there to make it look better, then you can bet that we will do so. Of course there are some areas of the house that are a little bit more difficult to decorate than others, such as small areas above a stove, under a cabinet, or where there is already some bulky furniture!

But never fear - you can still decorate even tiny or unusual spaces as long as you are creative! In fact, you can take a page out of one TikTok creator’s book to make the perfect display area for all of your favorite nick-nacks using only a few simple-to-find items!


Morgan, from LifeOnWillowCreek over on TikTok, is a home DIY expert and we love to flip through her channel to see all of her latest and greatest tips and tricks. Today she is showing off a wall that she wants to decorate, but decided to get a bit creative about it. So out comes the stick-on wallpaper and even a pair of curtain rods!

To get started, Morgan cleans, preps, and then puts some stick-on wallpaper on her wall. This helps give her an accent background to work with without all the effort of full-on wallpaper or painting the wall. If you want an option that is fairly simple and quick to put up, then this will be something you will want to look into.

Next, she grabs a couple of heavy curtain rods that are a bit on the industrial side when it comes to looks and screws them into the wall. These curtain rods, being heavier, serve a dual purpose of being able to hold up heavier weights as well as go a bit better with her overall room aesthetic.

And finally, using hanging hooks, Morgan begins to display her various decorations, including some hanging plants, signs, boards, and more. The overall look is so simple and chic, and we could honestly say we want to do this ASAP!