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Woman Maximizes Dining Room Space by Building Custom Bench

It looks so good too!
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A dining room table is such a symbolic thing in a home. It is much more than a place to eat food, or a space to fill, it represents a place to gather with friends, family, and loved ones, and create loving memories. Some of my most favorite memories have stemmed from the dining table. My mom made a point that every night for dinner and breakfast on the weekends we would eat at the dining table, all sharing about our days. From biscuits and gravy every Sunday and taco nights each Tuesday, a dining room table is an emblem of family.

Families living in small spaces can still have a dining table and it does not need to be a grad 12 person long wooden table, filled with a holiday spread. It can be small and dainty and built in just to fit your space. This is what DIYer and TikToker @bethanyheps has done with her custom built bench seat table that fits in a small nook of her home and uses minimal space to create maximum memories.

The woman uses a small corner of her kitchen and drafts out a design of an L shaped bench seat for her dining table, the perfect dinner style nook.

She cuts her wood to size to frame out the bench, once the structure of the bench has been assembled she covers it with a baby blue paneling that almost looks like a ship lap, and carries it up the wall as a back rest. She finished the look with a white oval table in the center of the L shaped bench and added some decorative pillows and seat cushions!

What a great way to use up dead space and bring a family together for meals!

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